Pay with a Pee – Carlsberg

Client: Carlsberg
Date: October 2015

Beer makes your mind happy.
And your aim crappy.

Night, pubs, friends, chilling, laughing. Just as Cindy sang for girls, guys just wanna have fun.

But what about that annoying attitude of dirtying pubs toilets just because you don’t want to pay a little bit more of attention while pointing your pants friend towards the urinal?


If you try to be more careful,
you can make your night more joyful!

The only thing you actually are thinking when you get to the toilet is the next beer you are going to get.

Carlsberg knows it well, and that is the reason why you can be rewarded just paying a little more attention at the restroom.


Void your bladder in the toilet,
win a beer, have fun, enjoy it!

“Pay with a Pee” by Carlsberg is a project thought to solve the problem of inattentive “toilet dirters” based on a very simple logic: the more you pee in the right spot, the more you are awarded with beer and fun!

The urinals of the pub will be provided with some sensors that will check if pee is directioned in the right area: hitting the indicated zone, the “player” will earn Pee Points. After 10,000 pee points (an average of 2-3 toilet stops), Carlsberg will reward the careful winner with a free beer!