CRAI – Homely Box

Client: CRAI
Date: January 2017

“Namosene via!”*

(*let’s go away!)

A lot of Italian young guys and girls go living outside their country because of their work, ready to discover new lifestyles and cultures, but also scared to abandon their tradition.


“Se magnamo na roba?”*

(*yummy stuff!)

Outside of Italy it’s really hard to find some ingredients of the typical mediterranean culture. Sometimes the simplest ingredient for an Italian have never even been heard by people abroad. And we all know how Italians are not that able to make compromises when it comes to food.

That is why a lot of mums, worried about the non-mediterranean diet of their sons and daughter (yes, it’s something to be worried about if you are an italian mamma!), use to send boxes of typical ingredients in order to make their “children” feel at home.


“Roba bbona!”*

(*yummy stuff!)

CRAI, the Italian supermarket par excellence, famous for its regional attitude, introduces the Homely Box: all mums, after having made their grocery shopping in the store will be able to make a second grocery bag to send to their sons abroad, filling it with the real Italian ingredients provided by the supermarket.

The process will be easily followed on a digital touchscreen, with a step-by-step virtual shopping that will end asking the address where to send the purchased items.

The shipping will be ran all around Europe and the boxes will be delivered in less than 48hrs, in order to keep the good quality of the food.