Lont’amo – Calligraphy Performance

On the 28th of December 2015 I’ve been officially performing for the first time as a calligrapher at Diwan Cafè in Turin.

“Lont’amo – Emozioni a Controllo Remoto” (“Away-t – Remote Control Emotions”) is a little project about distant loves and how separated minds can be so united despite the kilometers in between. All of this, With original poetry and, obviously, a lot of ink.

Lont’amo – Haiku table nº1
i prezzi dei voli guardo.
Gli scienziati.
Inventano tutto tranne il teletrasporto.”
I watch the prices of flights.
They invent everything but teletransport”.
Lont’amo – Haiku table nº2

“Adesso chiudo gli occhi
e magia appari al tre
Uno due tre.
Era solo una prova, rifacciamo”

“Now I’ll close my eyes
And, magic, you appear at my three.
One two three.
It was just a test, let’s do it again”