Yverum – Young Lions Germany Winner 2017

Client: Yverum
Date: April 2017
Awards Cannes Young Lions Germany 2017
Yverum is a new German brand that recently entered the market of luxury cosmetics with an exclusive natural skincare philosophy.

Each product of the Yverum range contains very few, totally natural ingredients, and the development does not involve testing on animals: this is why Yverum can claim to be a 100% Vegan brand.

With this information, we were asked to develop a print campaign in 24hrs that could introduce Yverum and its philosophy to the market.

With a convincing team name, “Pasta-Paella”, and a team partner, copywriter Jeannette Bohné, we were lucky enough to come up with the idea that let us win the Cannes Young Lions Pre-Competition in Germany.

You can find Jeannette here.