Summer is hotter and hotter here in Turin and people are trying to do anything to figure out how to chill a little.

Some days ago, while I was in the fabulous pool of my friend Eleonora  (check it out here!) and we were wondering about how cool it would have been to throw a party with all of our friends and enjoy some time with fresh food and fresh diving all together!

We started thinking about the menu, the drinks, some decorations like candles and paper flags to create a cosy and fancy atmosphere and in the end we decided we had to make it 100% official with a real invitation!

Schermata 2015-07-17 alle 17.12.42As¬†Eleonora is one of the best cooks I know i preferred to let her work as a chef in the kitchen (I’ll help out a little, trying not to eat everything before people come in!) while i was assigned to project the little digital card that would have been sent to the invited friends!

So here is the result! I wanted tropical, i wanted fresh, i wanted colors and I wanted a chalice-flamingo (ok, that’s nonsense, but wanting some nonsense might be good at times, right?) and i got this!

I’m sure the party’s gonna be great, I’ll let you know (:

Bye, chill out everyone!