Effelunga – Goodness tastes good.



Haven’t you ever asked yourself why supermarket shelves are always full with fresh products, and it quite never happens to find something damaged in the packaging or close to expiring date?

Well. Those goods don’t disappear, or better, they do. And that’s quite a problem.

Every year tons and tons of unsold goods are thrown away by supermarkets. They usually are products close to expiring date (or even just with a little packaging damage!) which means they are not the freshest but they still can be used for cooking.

This kind of situation makes you think a lot: isn’t it a useless waste? Doesn’t this rejection look like a tantrum? And, above all, why should these goods be thrown away when a lot of less fortunate people don’t even have the chance to choose what to eat?

A lot of people face everyday the difficulty of finding a meal, and sometimes they have to settle with the little things they happen to find or, even worse, with other people’s scraps.

But it’s not true that it takes the best to be at the top level. That is just the easy way. The real prestige comes from the ability to create something wonderful starting from the most simple elements. That is what happens when you mix the ingredients for a recipe: fantasy, initiative and good will are the optimal seasoning for the perfect dish.

This skills are proper of the starred chef of restaurant business: they always have to study, experiment, invent something new starting from the simple materials they have at their disposal.

Esselunga is one of the biggest Italian supermarket chains and it’s well known for the quality of its products.

This is how the project Effelunga Restaurant comes alive (literally Long-F, to recall a long fork towards the less fortunates), following the chain’s philosophy based on the will of always offering the best to the customers and the audience.


menuThe restaurant chain will be directed by starred chef Massimo Bottura, owner of Osteria Francescanain Modena, famous for the great ability to re-perform the typical dishes of the Italian tradition or the use of the Italian best-known products with a total different and contemporary view.

All the dishes of the daily menu will be cooked with the rejected but still good products of the supermarkets, offering a tasteful alternative of meal in line with Bottura’s cooking style: experimentation of combinations, tradition mixed with the state of being contemporary and, obviously, mesmerizing flavours.

The less fortunate will have the possibility to enjoy the service for free, which will also be accessible to all of the rest of the audience who will give a little help with a symbolic donation.

Two big problems, one solution.

Because it only takes goodness to make something taste good.

Quite easy, isn’t it?