Cycle Charge by Runa

Running from a place to another, appointments, work, personal errands: citylife is always a big rush. We spend all of our energies moving from a place to another, sometimes crossing an entire town in less than an hour, never stopping for a moment.

ideaMoving all day we spend a lot of our energies and sometimes we need a little help to easily reach the end of the day: the most classical support is given by the classic all-coloured and flavoured energy drinks sold by the most of the supermarkets and grocery shops. But doesn’t it sound strange to drink some chemical and artificial brew when the same energy we are looking for could be supplied to us by natural ingredients?

This is the philosophy of RUNA, the organic energy drink company, concerned in offering a totally natural product to the customers. This attitude focuses on two main purpouses: to provide an healthy and genuine amount of energy to the customer and, at the same time, to help all the planet, choosing a responsible behaviour towards the environment, our first power supplier.


cyclechargeBased on the genuine philosophy of Runa, Cycle Charge is a phone battery charger fueled only by human’s movement: it can be installed on every kind of bike, furnished with its own dynamo battery, thus connecting the biker’s ride with the phone battery recharge. The operating principle is easy: the more you ride, the more energy you produce, the more you recharge your phone’s battery!

Thank to this mechanism, you always keep your smartphone charged, so you’ll never miss a call or an appointment and, at the same time, you move by the most ecological mean of transport ever, giving a hand to the environment that supplies you energy everyday .

Saving your day while saving the planet: never thought it could be so easy, uh?