A hundred teeth smile.

toothbrushAnd so it is.

Some days ago I was at my house in the mountain with my bf and we passed a really nice weekend together walking through rivers, drinking wine, enjoying the nature and cuddling a lot (:

Before leaving for the mountains, he had forgotten his toothbrush at home, so we went to the supermarket to buy a new one for those days.

At the end of the weekend, while we were packing up to come back to boring city life, each one in his house, he took the toothbrush, came to me and said: “Well…should we do this? Shall I give you this toothbrush for you to keepĀ it in the toothbrush glass of your bathroom?”. And so I did: things evolve and we’ve reached the Toothbrush Step! (:

Dentist were not that wrong in the end: if you have a good toothbrush at home, your smile is gonna be brighter (:

Bye, everyone (: